i have to stop going to the pool store and just buy online, jason is making small-talk and not being responsive to my inability to converse. though i usually get grossed-out by naked imtimacy, i've always wanted to ask him, "do you suck shock"...ha.

if you'd say let's drive out east tonight
i would willingly be yours, big guy
what else would i do - i fantasize all night, dude
i've had to have you for the longest time

once i saw the ring on finger four
doubts, i'd hold of fagginess of yours
do you stare-down me when i look around for bromine
i've asked my inners for the longest time

whoa oh oh oh, for the longest time
oh oh oh, for the longest

i'm that boy who's always in your store
and i wait to hear some lovey talk
i'm out to see you, not out get a clean pool
that i can manage when i shop online

jay, see this bone acts like it's horned
though you are "my type," well i won't be yours
jay, see i've been lonely too long
and i get so hard, but i'm more psyched for clothes on

you know now i jerk it cuz you're hot
maybe i'll be wanting sex to start
you're made so masc'line, my role model - like my dad's big
i've had this fetish for the longest time

i've had sex to start what i want,
but friendships through sex will not ever start
how i so want brothers in my heart
be wonderful and talk, let me know and i'm all yours

i don't care for love if sex it brings
i have flings with dudes as friends, you see
i want you so bad, just speak it naughty, go dad
i will send my boner up your strong behind

whoa oh oh, up your strong behind...
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