this is a recurring theme for a bunch of my parodies, i guess this time it was inspired by a story of glenn beck's - he said a girl was in her dad's car and an expensive car pulled up beside them. she said something to the effect of "imagine how many people could benefit from the money he used to buy such a lavish car". my new hobby is therefore flaunting fancy things that i own so socialists' spite can make them unhinged. or is that unglued? or both? my internet is not working, i can't check the dictionary.

there's my sister who hates that i have a house, my mother was quite disturbed and angry when i got a greenhouse around my pool, aside from the girl in glenn beck's story. aside from things that my paranoid, attention-starved mind wants to think people are thinking about my situation with those dirty looks they give me.

i can't wait til i get my 2010 lump-sum. i'm gonna get a pickup with a totally flat backside, so there's plenty of room for all of my anti-socialist bumper art. i may expand my garage into a three-car.

once upon a time, life was pretty much glum, be-
cause all my money would push guys with little, to feel dunced
they'd lust my hard cash and not the crux
they'd have my easy life, not my miseries
way back when, their jealousies made me grieve

then time went by, and now i get plenty of heckling
cuz of my money, cuz i give not much to bill or william
cuz what i've got is not for their livings

who would ask for any reward like what's bequeathed me
who would ask for luck of my world if death was meant to see me?

got my dimes and flaunt a lot, cuz your spite rocks my world
you're not happy cuz what i've got names you poor
count your blessings, not my things, i love making you scorned
when you're humbled, your pride doth speak, and i am ignored
because i have more

i have had it with guilt, some want to scold "son of bitch," um...
i will sound-off with scorn
keep them humbled, proudly i will outspend as they're frowning

more, more...woo!

i've a million, you have feuds cuz jealous is your norm
not that i'm never spiteful too - that, however, falls back on you
for i'm fed on the hate you spew, and once i'm fed i can scorn scorn scorn
and i'm spending much more

one was dumb, my job's lewd - i ditched the job soon, i became soph'more
then when i got mauled, my job was to try to renew all
since my head is injured and i can walk, you say i'm not injured
checks should be much fewer - every time you insult adds to the lot
soon i'm mocking libs and spending like a dufus

more, more

never say when, never stop at plenty, if i wanna shame i buy more
happy to spend, happier they catch me, cuz if they see me spending
wouldn't their spite make them feel hurt

you're a bastard who deems me as a being who's needing
banks to stop my award - wanna see me suffer, you jealous mutherfucker

each possession i possess, jealousy makes you scorned
that's what's soothing about excess, getting dems' worlds to feel depressed
young things brainwashed in their h.s.
and nothing's better than more, more, more
(to lend scorn, scorn, scorn)
but then, once you have them scorned (have them scorned)
you may tire of spending more (spending more)
cuz though these dicklicks are fun to see pissed
be not poor! poor! poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor!
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