i had to do this song, i am always watching the video on youtube - what a cool young group of guys boyz ii men were.

rode to philly as a kid, doing a little b. joel thing
four cool friends in a loft, much too far from the star

it started in school, found out philly is slammin
boy, my friends - craig/johnny went to see
my queen's "vogue" dancing
get the tix with me, aw, the cool lehigh valley
get my sis, cathy and jim - we're gone to philly's stage for the queen

after school was through, i'd need a back-up corne-ay
for my need, it happened u of p would pave the way
when i started seeing that one spec'list at the school
and that started a new frontier with mom
livin' in waiting rooms

rode to philly as a kid, doin a little surger-ay
u of penn, go with mom, opthamol...ogy doc

yo, he's bored - dude has to feel smooth, not his mommary's kid
take drive long and far, you know the mentality
he's independant

i got my philly on, went down once to do it
mama, come on...i got a car, come on
driving direct to philly now
langhorne might just be the next town
beechwood therapy, oh, and how explored - i'd roam down street road

had to cruise for dudes, i'd read about how philly's gay
and it really had been, but my niche was north a ways
and i started sleeping at expensive hotel rooms
on the party-line too, and queers came up
givin' me stuff to do

drove to philly, had some sex, truly i didn't freak no prize
boinked the men, older cocks, not too young, far too old

...boinking men, boinking men, boinking men, boinking men...
when i started meeting those damned sex-line addict-dudes

now check this out, one gay went to philly - for i wanted a fling
gays came up to me, i said "what's your age" - thirty-sev'n
hey, ya know that i'm twenty?
then i said, "all right, fellas, let's go eat at moshulu"
and then they're sighing, said "what is wrong"
and "goodbye," "get me out," "thinkin' this a loon's room"

(doo doo doo daaa, doo doo doo daaa....)

drove to philly, had no sex, truly i did but he's no prize
boinking men, older cocks - not too young, far too old

boinking men, boinking men, boinking men, boinking men
boink boink boink boink
boinking men made me feel like a creep
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