i was in the shower, using my big thick dong, thought of doing "loose sensation," and it turned into this.

"sit, baby, sit" - no thanks, don't like thin boners
i got a new sensation inserting coke cans
it's no impossible thing to do

"ream, baby, ream" - no thanks, don't like ass-odor
and the puffs come out your bod as poo-poo fumes
i sure don't psyche for common-stench
kinda grody, too

i do 'strubation, no penetration right now
gonna make it solo
i do 'sturbation, no penetration

"cream, baby, cream" - my balls are always moaning
i screwed five times now in my hand
no need for sex, there really is no difference

"why, baby, why" - cuz you've got to get it out
we beat our boners to be rid of all horny that's in us
real sex is eating time i need

hey, hey, are you ready for some masturbation, no penetration
right now, gotta make it solo
so do 'sturbation, no penetration

hey, master bates, well i'm fucking less of dudes
i don't need humans to rest my wood, to deflate my boner
int'rest is waning when we're nude

some make me cum, the big n strong hero is great
he's something ever looked up to, i feel he's better
and that's all i want to screw

that's how i will not make it solo
we screw, i'm praising the dude who's brazen
endowed, got my hole so loose!
hung-dude's lovemaking has bruised my anus, the dude can rape me

hung penetration
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