i have used 240 gigs of my 250 allotted for bandwidth, it is monday and the new month is on friday. i turned all my computers off and disabled the network connection on this one. i had "no son of mine" that i started a few weeks ago, i'll finish it now because i have nothing to do. i think genesis named their tour "the first farewell tour". ha. is that a rip on cher? sonny bono was once a cherholder, but that title is shared by a bunch.

i went to the casino-resort today, the PYT was behind the counter again. PYST, i guess, pretty young strong thing.

anyway, this song is not really about my dad's attitude towards me...more my sister's.  hence "no blood," rather than "no son".

well, the deal with my web-cyber - the sex-drive bitched about
the questions about guys keep my brain writing to drive the gay out
really never dealed with esteem, realer guys had hard behinds
and i'm being the gay so i can find the male i am inside

i lived to think much about it, well i blogged it at age twenty-five
youth had me living like a queer every day, those tough guys had me so psyched
i couldn't stand to feel so blinded 'round my brothers i'd psyche to catch naked
i swore that would be the last gay freaking me, and i never got boned again

i've made my site from those demons and how i'm bruising all the gays
i've made my bed, formed the scars that i have, my fam'ly sneers once-a-day
they'd have renounced the family tree, they're out there hating my life
they said...

"you're no blood, you're no blood of mine"
"well, you're no blood, you're no blood of mine"
"you talk down whoever doubts christ"
"and you're no blood, you're no blood of mine"
spoke no words on my birthday - they always forget
and as the time it went by, i didn't repent
"you're no blood, you're no blood of mine"
but where should i go, please help - your son's feeling blue
"you're no blood, you're no blood of mine, no"
i made my own bed, oh i was hating not you

well, i think i'm halfway holy, i'm shocked my family's embracing gays
because all the rules jesus had are now deemed "rude and mean," something's remade
in and out of christ-ey places, no room to learn that gay is bad
so i have to let out the thoughts i've holded back in my years with fags

i've made my site from the queer ones, and how i'm proving their self-hate
i say myself earns no mark of a man if manly-man earns my praise
they'd have renounced the all of me, they'd say i'm gay with no pride
they said,

"you're no blood, you're no blood of mine"...
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