thinking about "the leakiness of femininity," "leaky woman" just came to me

leaky woman, milk comes out your teats
leaky woman, vagina likes to bleed
leaky woman, i know you're weak - ooh, my "sergeant womb"
no one would trust - you're just not brute

leaky woman, but you wanna be
beastly woman, i'd look to get testes
little woman, well you're not something that's manly
are you growing tough in dreams?

leaky woman, stop your 'gina - leaky woman, feed your child
leaky woman, beat the guys in dreams
leaky woman, yeah yeah yeah
leaky woman, you're a dame
leaky woman, say womb makes you bleed

when i see you, your speech is spite
love self, me lady, don't spite the guys

leaky woman, don't fall for lies
leaky woman's no frankenstein
leaky woman don't got no strength made, no way

that's just the race human, she's so vain
i guess she'll go on home and pray
and drink testost'rone-wine and wait
drugs do something...
is she falling down? oh, gee...yeah,
she's falling down, oh gee!
o-oh, sickly woman
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