reese, my hero from malcolm in the middle, once found out that mixing blue and yellow gives you a new color - he proudly called it "blellow".

my anti-green revolution is called BLELLOW.
Bashing Ludicrous Environmentalists' Liberal-Lies Over Wittiness

you say you want a blellow-ution, well you know
we're all anti-green fer sure
i'll tell you what myself is doing just for show
at the stoplight, fuel burns
run all the water spouts in public
don't you know that you can rouse the town
cash to blow? run cfc's all night
(cash to blow? run cfc's) to spite green life

they say you're part of no solution, well you know
the problems ain't near an end
they're asking for a contribution, well you know
your two cents don't make sense
so spend all your money to whittle enviro-games
all they will tell you is "chuck what you have that wastes"
cash to blow? waste gasoline, red lights
(cash to blow? waste gasoline) to spite green life

i say i'll prey on commu-movements' mind-control
cuz i wanna save my head
you'd send me to an institution, well you know
(i've) been to three or five or ten
and if our leader's spouting the diction of chairman mao
i ain't gonna lay down, cuz my freedom ain't about
mind-control, it's up to me - my life
my life, my life
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