here is a quote from a profile:
And by all means, please don't be so boring and conservative that you never experience life.

as my 8th grade english teacher always said, "that don't make no sense" - how can one not experience life if they are alive? maybe some peoples' lives don't earn his approval.

i was told this in an email: "you are a young man and should be with other people regularly"

"what might be right for you, may not be right for some" - i learned that line when gary coleman was young

you work a job that's needed to stay alive
you hunt for more than living from nine to five
why you relate your hunt to my life?
i say you're really being retardo
ain't no sense assuming my life
is nothing without your good times

don't you know i'm not a mark of your unflattered mind
don't you know, my goodness, what makes you unsatisfied?

you scorn my masturbation and strive for men
cuz your brain-limitation has time for sex
(i) don't tend to boners of dudes met online
i'd rather make my goo spout forever
cuz if i have to screw them in-town
i'm gonna have to leave my house

don't you know i'm so filled-up by living satisfied
don't you know i could feel upbeat til the end of life

don't you know yanking my cock, my needs are satisfied
don't you know we shouldn't stop life just to get with guys

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