this one's dedicated to john and others thinking i should "give back" the money i won on account of having recovered so well from the weeks i was comatose in the hospital. 

and the months it took to progress from sleeping in a "playpen" to needing a wheelchair to being on crutches to occasionally losing my balance while walking.

and the years it took to move on with life, to move out of my parents' house, and to stop thinking that my purpose in life was to be in head-injury rehabilitation programs.

you're talking and you do not live as hindered as your teens
you're well enough to get out and to snag a j-o-b
you're well, you show you're smart, don't stay in looking at outside
i wonder now how many dimes you owe now that you're fine

a million-dollar past, an unhindered life today
so give it back, ah give it back

you know that you aren't anything retarded no more
so, tell me what you're doing 'bout compensation's award
quit bringing home towers or the portable pc's
you are not your own king, guy, i hope you start to see these things

a million-dollar past, an unhindered life today
so give it back, ah give it back

oh, you must think you're fine to buy those well-to-do colognes
you don't think to notice all the guys who're smelling gross

well, i'm not one for sittin' 'round in some self-pity pool
you think you've got it better than i, but see the light of truth
i hate to steal your thunder, but i'll make as much as you
at least obama's here, he'll pay me what he took from you

your life may be something sleek, babe, your ass is taxed
i'll take it back, i'll take it back

that last thought was just to bash obama, my settlement is tax-free.
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