it is new year's eve and i will be ALONE and watching ABSOLUTELY NO FESTIVITIES on the television. i know people like the one who called me a loser for not having any "facebook friends" would have a field day with this knowledge.

or the one on, "you're HOT, you should have a lot of sex".

this brings to mind an episode of the nanny i saw recently - she is talking and "i'm doing it for approval" slips out and takes her by surprise. i think she looked at the camera and made that "oops, did i say that" face?

i'd hear a voice say "online, your social place will start"
seventeenth birthday through years til i'm old
my social-ware was soft (ie, my social was software)
tell me, tell me our thirst for Online
would say we're weak without some social-ties

why are you lost with no anchor
i'd use that social-dope to damn belong
i used to long for an anchor
i tried striving for friends to sure my heart

at times i need to seek a friend,
to grind his wiener and be quenched
tell me, tell me my thirst for the guys
won't disappear without sucking his prize

why am i lost with no anchor
high from the social-dope, i can belong
i cannot scoff at this anchor
it's like calling depressed, the lonely hearts

why are you lost with no anchor
why can't you bowl solo, you damn retard
why do you long for an anchor?
what strives nightly for friends but lonely hearts

why are you lost with no anchor
why use that coke or dope to damn belong
why are you strong with an anchor
it's not trying to strengthen who you are
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