sometimes, songs by the police remind me of stevanne, who i guess was the ringleader in the "center for neuro-rehab," in annapolis.  i'm not saying that brain-injury rehab programs *and the clients* make a circus.

i know i had the police box cd set, message in a box in my car, i was playing it all the time back then. though i probably first drove to baltimore via interstate 95, i guess i wanted to find another way to get there from my parents' house on the border of jersey and pennsylvania. route 78 was like 5 minutes from the house, it went into pennsylvania and i took 222 down through the york area to meet with 83 to take me to baltimore.

i don't know why i remember hunt valley or staying at a hotel there, but i do. anyway, i got to the baltimore area and stayed at the towson sheraton for a few days, which was across the street from the towson town center - connected by an enclosed walkway which was above the street that separated the two.

i think i remember visiting one head-injury program in baltimore, i remember a big black guy named edwin or something. my dad may have found the program in annapolis, i can't remember, but i started it and - well, stevanne liked the police a lot. and i asked her what they said after "there's a rich man sleeping on a golden bed" - cuz i never could make it out. she's the one who told me, "there's a skeleton choking on a crust of bread" - and i will never forget that.

anyway, sometimes songs by the police remind me of i-222 and i-83. and stevanne. i think she was a feminist, i said she looked pretty one day when she was wearing a dress - i think she was uncomfortable.

he so likes to beat his thing
he don't want a guy's hung meat
he's so hot for guys built large
he won't get their boners off
he so likes the way guys look
he won't try to eat guys' tush
he don't like to lay no gays
he just widens his heinay

and though he may look great,
he's too loose for me, he's too loose for me

he so likes the coke can's shape
he would like his butt that way
he don't try to get no cock
he may try, but then would not
he so likes no clothes on males
he so likes their armpit hair
he don't like no hair that smells
dildo-time, he'd say, is swell

and though i'd make his day
he's too loose for me, he's too loose for me

has he the courage to be scoffed by gents who often have to screw?
has he no courage to be looked down to by gods he wants to screw?
he could distort himself and be the common fag
i might prefer him if he had

oh, he don't want to see my hole
he don't want to be my beau
he don't want no dick inside
he don't even got "gay pride"
he may psyche to look at me
he may pride for guys hairy
he knows cock feels great inside
he so wants one thick as mine

but, no - "no way," i'd say
he's too loose for me, he's too loose for me
he's too loose for me, he's too loose for me
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