i have had this song idea written down a while.  i guess i came up with the idea, remembering how my dad told me of how people mistook jimi hendrix saying "excuse me while i kiss the sky" for "excuse me while i kiss this guy".

under the sky

what a lay i had today, it took my style away
rethinking top - real men can lay and i'll get laid
raped by a god-oh-high, mounts my heiney - abuse feels right
and i'm truly a whore tonight, i'm under this guy

guess it could happen any day, 'dentity goes astray
but this charming hunk, i'll praise every day

hey, hey, hey...i'm under this guy

i'm alright, let it go...i'm a girl, fuck my hole (sir)
i had to hurt my ass tonight - something's coming, feels so right
i'm under this guy

hey, hey, hey...i'm under this guy

when all the sex is done, nothing beats when he holds his son
there's no one moving, i'm still under this guy
i'm under this guy
i'm under this guy
i'm under this guy
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