when dylan was 15 years old, sophomore year, he played victor velasco in a play called barefoot in the park.  corey's mom was kind of his love interest.  one of victor's lines was "corey...rava-SHING".  so here's a parody of mariah carey's "vanishing," though it never occured to me to do bryan adams' "vanishing".

i like mariah better, anyway.

june 15, 1990 was my 16th birthday.  i went with jenn and trish to dick tracy, since it was playing at 12:00 am on the day of its release.  the 16th was a saturday, and the 17th was the blond ambition tour in philadelphia with my sister, jim and his girlfriend cathy.  john and craig, who i slept over at the lehigh valley mall and bought the tickets with, were first tier with their girlfriends or ho's - i wanted floor seats even though they weren't that close to the stage. the 24th was my car accident and head-trauma.

the album this song came off of, it was released june 12, 1990, though i don't remember hearing the first single - "vision of love" - anytime before my brain-damage.

if i could recapture all of the memories
and bring them to life, surely i would
here soph'moric laughter
wasn't it june 15th we'd ride down the pike
dick tracy powers the night's ambitioning

you're ravishing, sixteen years aged
you're vanishing, oh

i was so enraptured at blond ambitioning
i vogued up the line, with jim i had moved
out from way in back, sure
was suddenly hard to breathe, don't faint from the high
let me just bask in the pride given here

you're ravishing, sixteen years aged
you're vanishing, oh

reaching back unto the instance
searching for reasons to be glad
not a trace of blond ambition will flash
but if somehow i could recapture
all of the memories from this injured mind
lord knows i would
cuz how i hate to ask for
mem'ries i want to see
made to feel trite, saying i'm lost as a child
gets to me

you're ravishing, sixteen years aged
you're vanishing, oh
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