today i googled a classmate's name, i learned he was the guitarist in a band, i even emailed him " da man, good show". he has made something out of himself, i guess him being in a band hit me harder than it would have if he was at a regular job - he plays music for his band and i write lyrics for - myself. he has an audience who appreciates him and here i am in my room all the time. alone.

i was not and am not jealous, i am content and happy with what i do, but...gosh, it's like i've been left behind.  almost 20 years after graduating high school, i'm still writing parodies of basically the same songs i did back then.  i guess i see why i've been told to "get on with my life".

well, seth got me listening to the cure in 8th grade, and i bought kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, so here's a parody of "why can't i be you," dedicated to seth.

yours has purpose, mine's not anything
you give to soci'ty, you share talents and things
you're no nervous nerd, as i'm each day
you make me - make me - make me - make me fucking dismayed

every day in school, girls found you kissable
everything i do is never similar
why can't i be you?

i run around in circles in my dumbfounded head
i see who's a fuck and who's the fucking success
sure, i'm wonderful as the grooves i redo
but maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe i need some proof

everything you do just makes you relevant
everyone who's smooth hates my remade hits
why can't i be you?

you've turned my head like you've turned the towns'
i've learned my whole world cut me out
i'm livin' life, pissin' life, book by book - write nothin' new
you make my, make my, make my, make self-love feel undue

everything you do will simply deem me
anything but you and my ambitions
so why can't i be you?
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