to whom it may concern:

Hello, my name is dylan and i am asking you to join the cyber-campaigns of both and her sister site, where the truth about femininity is embraced and exposed...and satirized. says that good tampons are strong enough for a womb, man, mammary glands nurture when baby cries "MAMM'Y," that wombmen are not nearly as strong as men. Maybe a professional female bodybuilder would be stronger than your average testosterone-wielding ymca member. But all i needed to know about Strongwoman was learned at curves fitness centers where wombmen go to lose their feelings of intimidation around muscle, also where they go to be sheltered from the real world and 40 pound dumbbells. Where they go to be sheltered from your average testosterone-wielding ymca member.

Yes, i dared to bring up testosterone. It makes men hairy, it makes men strong, it is no wonder Strongwoman and her ilk are spiteful of it. It is no wonder they want their boyfriends to shave their chests and armpits, even legs. They are wannabees whose physical make-ups will neverbee - wombmen weren't meant to protect anyone - the womb, the mamm'y glands, the tampon - they all revolve around women being meant to conceive. Baby-machines. Motherhood.

We compensate for Strongwomen in the military - there can be no girly men in the army (unless one "doesn't tell" about the void he feels in the presence of REAL MEN), but if you are a wombman then you can be "girly-strong". Which makes absolutely no sense, who wants a wombman as a bodyguard - much less a countryguard?

So, please join my campaign. This Strongwoman campaign has gone for too long without a rebuttal.


ps, there was a line in superman - after superman swooped down and caught lois lane and flew her away, he said "i got ya" - lois says "you've got me?! who's got you?!" i kind of relate that to a commercial with a female police officer saying "we've got your back". 

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