To Whom It May Concern ,

Hello, my name is dylan and I have been discriminated against today at max & erma’s.

I was there with two other people for lunch. I realize how lunchtime is a busy time, but the restaurant was not that crowded and there was no excuse for the waitress to take 25 minutes to bring the food. Delivered to us barely warm, might i add, so the baked potato had to be replaced. Twenty-five minutes, when all that needed to be cooked was fish. The other two plates were nothing in comparison. Sort of like a man and a wombman, society placates the wombman with the words “anything a man can do,” when what they really want people to believe is “anything testosterone can do,” which is as completely irrational as the wait-time for three orders when the two orders didn’t need to be cooked at all - and the other order was simply fish.

Now, I wanted to get up and leave after 20 or 25 minutes, but the others did not. I thought it would have been funny for the waitress to come to the table with our orders and see that we had left a note on the table, “your service was too slow”.

We stayed, and we did get free desserts after we complained (after our waitress went to her manager). I did feel a little better after making two large sundaes at the sundae bar, I felt a little better seeing all of our desserts would have cost 10 dollars, not including the potato that had to be replaced - but somehow I feel the need to post the situation on my website. I have a section of the website which tells of my experiences at chain restau- rants, reviewing the service I receive. is more than my homepage. Though it is not popular enough to damage your reputation, at leeast will expose insolent wombmen who are too proud to do their job efficiently.

I actually believe that I received this lack of service from the wombman who seemed to proud to serve (as a waitress should, dare i say 'wombman'), because of that very website - simply because it ridicules Strongwoman and the masculine attributes she wants everyone to think she has. I get this discrimination wherever I go. Maybe it is the offensive bumper-art all over the back of my car – I am not sure. Maybe it is buying into rape as a punishment for insubordinate wombmen. I got the idea from islam.

I got to max & erma’s at about 12:50 on the 23rd, our waitress was on the heavy side, though you probably won’t be able to single her out when the majority of wombmen hired by your restaurant are fatty-fat-fatsos. at least, yesterday.

Now, by the end of the lunch, I was starting to get a migraine. I get those a lot, I am brain-damaged and have been since 1990. I got the migraine and wanted ice to put on my head. So I dumped the ice from my glass into my empty sundae bowl. Being slightly vision-impaired (depth-perception), I missed the bowl and got some water and ice on the table. I realize now that I used to do stuff like that when I received bad service. I’lll have to remember to start doing it again.

Also, wombmen who serve seem to expect a tip regardless of their level of service. I have stopped tipping naughty waitresses, and lo and behold I get lousy service most everywhere I go. Er, I sstill get lousy service most everywhere I go. Waitresses think they are ENTITLED to a tip, which leads me to believe they all voted for the white house-negro. I have come to realize and accept that though cranberry is full of people who don’t expect hand-outs or bail-outs, there are some that do. I have to say that at least a black guy is GIVING the bailouts, but I also realize that where there are trailer parks – handout-expecting white-trash. Now, that is not to say that the wombman who discriminated against me lives in a trailer park, I don’t know where she lives – I am just making a point.

I also do not know why “white-trash” is even relative to lowlifes. Maybe it is a spin-off of “white-noise,” meaning that they’re too poor to afford cable. At least the government gives cable tv to blacks for free. Oh yeah, what about “black trash,” I guess it’s redundant.

Now, I’m not saying that the waitress today should be taken to one of the rape-rooms that max & erma’s should have installed, I am just saying that common decency should be observed by all your tampon-needing employees. Lady-diapers, if you will.

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