to whom it may concern:

my name is dylan and i believe that i have been discriminated against by microsoft for being gay and for having gay views not embraced by some parts of society.

i make gay and minority-themed websites (,, and my personal favorite, that have all at one point been deemed offensive - both in emails that i have received and in emails that old webhosts have received, which led to my getting new webhosts. i believe in freedom, freedom of speech even if it criticizes people and makes them feel bad. who is anyone to start coalitions against me, just for speaking my mind. they should free their minds to hear another side.

my first website,, has been online since 1999, when i used microsoft's popular web-browser called internet explorer 6. internet explorer 6 came with windows xp which i got in 2002, and i never upgraded internet explorer since i switched to the firefox browser in 2005 or 2006. to see my site was compatible with all browsers, i sometimes ran internet explorer 6 to check it - and i never thought microsoft would change the rules of their browser just to make my site malfunction.

you see, my site uses frames to organize all the individual webpages of over a thousand yesterdays, and not needing to see how and when all the start-pages of the frameset were accessed, i moved those pages to another domain - this way, the only pages shown as accessed by the "latest visitors" page of the main domain would be pages actually "surfed" to by users and not the starting frameset page or any of the pages that made up the frameset.

i just upgraded to internet explorer 7, and found that it does not allow pages in a frameset on one domain to send pages from other domains to different frames. instead, it opens a whole new browser- window. now, as if that wouldn't mess up my site enough, i had put a script in all my pages to recreate the frameset if a page was accessed in its own browser-window. also, the frameset which is only supposed to be accessed and created once - it has an alert box on it that makes a loud crashing sound. so, with any click of any one of the dropboxes of my site, users were given their requested page in a new frameset instead of in the frame of the original frameset that it was intended to go into. plus, they heard that crash sound when the alert box flashed.

that was not the only problem, as my flash movies were on the same domain that my frameset files were on, so when a page on the main domain embedded the flash movie that was on another domain, the flash movie was not shown when accessed with internet explorer 7 or 8.

again, i feel that this was done to keep people away from my site. i would like to press anti-gay harassment charges against microsoft for discriminating against me. given the non-apparent basis for my lawsuit, i would like to know if i have a case against microsoft.

just because i am gay and in the dark when it comes to my own gender, doesn't mean i am naive enough to keep quiet when any corporation discriminates against me for being who i am. and speaking my mind.

so, could someone please let me know if i have a legitimate case against microsoft - and how to be my own lawyer.

check out my site, , unless you're there now