to whom it may concern:

though the giant eagle corporation does not seem to regard the letters i write with any degree of seriousness, i am writing again to voice another complaint - and you know that you can be sued for how your store discriminates against handicapped people.

you have rearranged your store like you are as brain-damaged as i am, putting the dairy section not next to any grocery-aisle...but after about 4 or 5 non-grocery aisles right at the end of what seems to be the drug store or bathroom section of your store.

i do not hate the police, in fact i have had a crush on one ever since last summer. "suddenly, last summer" he boinked me with a parking ticket or something, and ever since then i have been dreaming of "the motels" - not because they sung the song, but because of the secret rendezvous we could have had in "the motels" around here.

as i was saying, i do not hate police, but as obama called the cambridge police "stupid," i will call giant eagle "stupid". i see that i may be stupid, as well, not remembering giant eagle's stupidity and actually searching for the milk aisle time after time. but i am traumatically brain-injured, so i have an excuse.

i do not believe that i am being discriminated against on account of my website, - mainly because i believe that the only people who are stupid enough to read "assassination" and feel threatened - are too poor to live in this area. though i guess welfare-housing is everywhere - and with welfare-housing comes the token porch-monkies - ie, africans smoking pot on their porches all day long who have no ambition for self-reliance to get them off the government's teat. i couldn't pull myself off michelle obama's mammary glands if i could suckle them, i guess i can't blame anyone.

what strong-looking arms she has, but like the sands of the placebo... so are the moot-points of our lives. testosterone trumps estrogen.

i apologize for getting off-topic, what i am writing about is your idiotic placement of the dairy aisle. and your harassment of brain- injured idiots like myself who can never find it, being as out-of- place as it is.

i call on you to move your milk aisle. it doesn't belong in the drug store or bathroom section, milk should not be grouped in with tampons and baby necessities just because they all relate to the only real purpose of females. i understand how i just may be overlooking the "politically correct" overcompensation handed to females in the forms of "a woman can do anything a man can do" and the female national "guardsman" who died of heat stroke in arizona pardon me, that is a bigger slap in the face to feminists, than the "slap in the face" that alanis morissette sung about.

well, i just wanted to let you know that you have "acted stupidly," putting your milk aisle where nobody would look for it. i am sure that, after writing this letter, i will always know where to look for it. you're taking the Strongwoman thing too far, first you have special parking spaces as if they are retarded or disabled, then you group milk in with all the female products - just to make them feel special, right? how's about a big "yes we can," but try not to look like a bunch of retarded invalids beating the sides of their hands on their chests. tongues hanging out over their bottom lips.

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