To Whom It May Concern ,

to whom it may concern:

at about 10:00 am on sunday january 17th, i was met with unabashed harassment at your grocery store. the harrassment would stem from your negligence, and i feel i am not presumptuous to debate whether or not i should press charges against your company. please hear me out.

your grocery store, along with many others, treats pregnant women like they are disabled - allocating special parking spots for them. this is all well and good, but, as was the case today, Strongwoman thinks that these spaces are reserved for females only. as was the case today, Strongwoman assumed that just because i am a man and parked there, i was being some kind of joker - she yelled and cursed at me, hurting my self-esteem and making me feel unmanly. it did not occur to her that in this day and age, when "a woman can do anything a man can do," that it is quite possible for men to be pregnant. please either google it or simply refer to this:

your store either needs to make seperate pregnant spaces based on gender, or it must invite both sexes right on the sign. the Strongwoman who yelled and swore at me today, told me "you're a fucking man" - as if that automatically disqualified me from parking there. the sign says "parking for new and expectant mothers," i am expecting to be implanted with a fetus very soon, so her intolerance was simply intolerable. you can't base anything on gender nowadays, "no rules, just right," there is an outback steakhouse within a mile of your store - where's the diversity? we are taught by Strongwomen everywhere that there is no difference between the genders, how could the Strongwoman today take all of her preconceived notions of masculinity out on me?

i understand how you have no responsibility for your customers, you cannot be liable for this Strongwoman - or even me if i were to have raped her and ripped out her fetus. i wouldn't do it in broad daylight, but i understand how you have no control over who shops at your stores. that being said, you cannot shirk your responsibility to make your signs able to be comprehended by all the closed-minded people of the world - like the one who harrassed me today. put a pregnant man on your signs.

now, when all it takes is an operation to equalize men so that "a man can do anything a woman can do," when a relocation to mister roger's "land of make believe" is the only thing that will bestow physical masculine attributes on women (ie, more muscle than the local "curves fitness" has the resources to challenge), i believe that dumbbells curling 100 pound women should be more believable than women curling 100 pound dumbbells. that is not to say that muscle men need be dumb, i simply mean that nobody wants to accept men as being able to do anything a woman can do - so i believe that to embrace diversity, you should advocate for pregnant men as well.

so, the ball is in your court, as they say. i told you what needs to be done to prevent Strongwoman from belittling pregnant men. show a pregnant man on your signs as well as a pregnant Strongwoman, and both genders will feel welcome at your stores.

ps, i realize now, after having time to think about the situation, that Strongwoman may have been swearing at me not because i am an expectant mother - but because of my activism. i apologize if the domain name offends, but the website is a rebuttal to the man-hating feminist-liberalism invading college campuses and society. i am the local representative for the organization, and i do not wish to be discriminated against. add those pregnant man-bellies to your signs.

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