to whom it may concern,

i must applaud duquesne university for taking a stand against sexism
that girls know all too well. thank you for cutting two mens' teams
instead of any girls' teams. we have taken back seat to men for too
long. it is about time that someone stopped giving men the chance to
be seen as heros, i just wonder when anyone will stop giving women
the chance to cheerlead for the heros as if women are subservient.

women are strong. just because we produce no testosterone to build
muscle, femininity has been given a weak name. i can remember when
the term "strong women" would have been like a farce, thank godless
we have progressed to the point where a woman can do anything a man
can do.

all women may have been born with a pocket made for penis, but all
women are not nurturers by nature, no matter what our mammary glands
might suggest. we do not deserve to be raped, with a carving knife or
any penis, for that matter. men have made our cunts bleed for far too
long, they have raped us and stifled us, and masculinity has just
been constantly reminding us that we are inferior. i, as one happy
feminist, would like to thank duquesne university for all that
you've done by dropping mens' teams and stifling mens' genuine
competitive spirit. their competitive spirit pales in comparison to
ours, we as women have been competing with men since eve took the
apple to elevate her inferior being and become godlike. thank you,
duquesne university, for embracing our self-inadequacies and making
us feel godlike.

kudos to your contribution to the feminist movement. like curves
fitness for women says, IF YOU CAN'T BEAT 'EM, BAN 'EM.

-- an enthusiastic onlooker

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