to whom it may concern:

i have been a lone highwayman ever since i was 18, i have driven all over the country in my years, and i have a question regarding some bumper-art of mine. and driving through your area with it on my car.

i am unsure if a sassy slogan i plan to have as a bumper-sticker on my car would be illegal. i showed it to my friend and he yelled at me and told me to get rid of it. i wouldn't think it would be anything to worry about, but i want to be sure. i am disabled in the brain, having suffered a "traumatic brain-injury" in 1990, so i know i do not always comprehend things as others do - and therefore i am asking if my sticker would be anything questionable.

would wishing revolt on people, namely democrats, be labeled a death-threat against a group of people? that is my question.

i believe we are living in "a sassy nation" - political activists, "tea-parties," bill mahr and colbert and all. i do understand my wishing revolt against democrats may be a little "sassy" but sassy speech i don't think should get me in trouble. as it hasn't for the aforementioned tv hosts, since they are still on tv.

my sticker looks like this:


i understand that if people are crazy enough to read anything vertically, they would read "murder". this is my choice of layout, an artist's choice of layout which is laying out a non-threatening type of sentiment. "revolt" is not threatening, wishing revolt on people is as threatening as a parade of people waving signs of clenched fists.

anyway, if one person read it the wrong way, that is vertically instead of left-to-right, then i assume others will also read "murder," which is not anything related to the meaning of the five words. i could feel offended by a listerine ad, saying that it kills germs - my sister used to call me a germ when we were little. my offense would be as unwarranted as anyone taking the same offense at my bumper-sticker.

every group calls for revolt against other groups, every revolt is sassy - let me explain. pro-choice revolts against pro-life - most feminists are sassy and usually obscene. wombmen revolt against nature and god's plan and reality, just with the words "a wombman can do anything a man can do," trying to replace their lack of testosterone with their over-abundance of overcompensating pride. gays also revolt against nature and god's plan and reality with their overcompensating "pride parades," as well, trying to replace their mental sexual voids with "i was BORN with a homosexual attraction, god MADE me this curious of my own gender".

please advise me whether or not i can advertise my website with the layout shown above. as i'm sure it would not be an issue if the words were not capitalized and/or laid out left to right.

thank you,
dylan terreri, i
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