to whom it may concern:

as a gay activist, i am writing to notify you of all of the apparent anti-gay discrimination that goes on in schools today. i am not sure if your school participates in the hatred of diversity of which i speak, but it's not like i am not prepared to file suit against every school tolerating this madness.

as a gay activist, i see what schools are doing to curb their male students' homosexual feelings, and it's no less than a hate-crime.

i can only speak from experience regarding male homosexuality, the "star quarterback" and the self-inadequate "why can't i be like that" theatre wanna-bee. after all, what is acting without the wanna-bee "strike the pose" aspect? but if you have a "no losers" policy in your physical education classes (or any other competition), if you tolerate no winners and no losers just to protect kids' feelings, if you keep boys from being picked last for teams, then it's apparent you are slapping homosexuality in the face and i will bring this to your attention before i bring it to any gay-affirming court's.

i hereby accuse you of, with your "no winners" policy, making a deliberate attempt to keep the heroes in your school from feeling like heroes. also, with your "no losers" policy, i accuse you of making a deliberate attempt to keep the lesser from feeling lesser or insufficient - and thereby keeping them from realizing a role model and giving them something to strive for. or, in the words of rob thomas, "something to be".

as a gay activist, i accuse you of not letting heroes be defined in your school, thereby stifling lesser boys' feelings of hero-worship and stifling the overcompensation known as homosexuality that is apt to follow once the boys give up on being the man of their dreams.

sure, there is no way for you to ban any male students from growing chest-hair and making slow-developing boys feel inferior. it's not like you have a fool-proof way of banning homosexuality from your school, but a "no losers, no winners" policy does indeed inhibit jealousy within one's gender and has no place in a gay-affirming society.

i hereby request that you cease and desist all of your homophobic attempts at bigotry, and bring back the winners so that the losers will realize they cannot achieve like other members of their gender - and will therefore turn to the homosexual lifestyle as a "crutch," if i must bring up rob thomas again. a "crutch," simply as a way to compensate their own masculine insufficiencies. because, i firmly believe that any school in this gay-affirming day-and-age, should not limit students' potential to be defective.

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