to whom it may concern:

i would like this letter to be featured in your "letters to the editor" section, because i believe that if people would understand that there are more people who are not buying into the lie of Strongwoman and her ilk, the whole Strongwoman campaign will go down in flames.  just like jesse james (and cher's career).  i am not inciting anyone to commit violent acts on Strongwoman, so there should be no reason this letter does not get posted in the "letters to the editor" section.

i am the webmaster of, i have been called a hateful bigot for authoring such satire of Strongwoman, but i need to pick at Strongwoman because eve ate the apple and that didn't teach her.  she ate the apple because she fell for a lie, that she would become godlike.  now she wants to be manlike.  if a wombman could do anything a man can do, there wouldn't be mens' and wombmens' sports teams.  wombmen are overcompensated with their own place, away from men, because they can't achieve as men do.  just yesterday, on tv, they were talking about some wombman apologizing for being insolent to another on the job - and the host said "now, if a man was that insolent, he'd have been fired".  wombmen are like a special ed. class, always being the exception to the rules instead of playing fair.

this falls into the "pink ribbon" campaign.  how many diseases are out there, why give special attention to one?  two, if you include the aids ribbons.  we give special attention because aids mostly kills gays (that's how it started, anyway) and breast cancer kills wombmen - two VICTIM groups branded as meek or not up-to-par.   where's the prostate cancer ribbon - oh, men are the enemy now - unless they are "sensitive," that is.  robbed of testosterone, as well - it's only obvious that wombmen are intimidated by testosterone because testosterone equals muscle and strength, and wombmen don't produce it.  but the wannabees wanna be strong.  think about that, the next time you see society promoting men with their legs and chest shaved - that is why these "men" are masculivoids.  featured on my website,

some people discredit my views, simply because i suffered a traumatic brain-injury when i was a boy.  they say i am going astray on account of brain-damage.  i am  not the one who is "going astray," though, it is wombmen everywhere.  i am tired of "a wombman can do anything a man can do," "aids is not a gay disease," they are propaganda-lines to shield peoples' facades of "pride" from reality.

my website, my bumper stickers, everything i do is to trample on these overdone senses of "pride".  they say i am hateful, call me a homewrecker, but the truth is that i am a pridewrecker - and i have been since '93, when i took a few gay-taunting shirt ideas to the east stroudsburg mall to get them airbrushed.  it's no wonder that the next time i went to get my back tire cover airbrushed, it was nowhere near as good as the first one.  if i knew the airbrusher was a masculivoid, i wouldn't have given him my anti-gay shirt ideas to airbrush.

  some say i need "behavior modification" therapy to stop offending people, i say they need to get a spine and they won't feel offended.   "behavior modification," it sounds quite orwellian.  

check out my site, , unless you're there now