to whom it may concern:

my name is dylan, and i have reasons to believe that i am a victim of the racially-prejudiced "system" of the united states of america. i would like to file charges against the state of arizona, as well as richard nixon - who was president when i was born. as well as EVERY subsequent presi dent - i have been made a mockery of BECAUSE of the racism of the united states of america.

i have many reasons to believe that i have been lied to all of my life, that a conspiracy has been maintained in order to keep me from knowing the identities of my real birth parents. i have been lied to by the state, on my birth certificate, by the adoption coordinators, and by every person involved in this racist fiasco.

i buy a watermelon a day, i eat a watermelon a day, i can honestly say that i love watermelon more than anyone i know. and i find it inconceivable that i did not have at least one african, or black, parent. i would like the truth uncovered, i intend to sue the racist state of arizona for telling me that i was born to white parents,

i have my rights and i know my rights. and i have a right to know if my real birth-parents are the crackers that the state has told me they are - or if my real birth-parents are graham-crackers like i know they are.

to take a quote from a favorite movie of mine, "i am nikki finn and i will not be denied - i will know vengeance". thankfully, i may know vengeance sooner rather than later, since america has a black president who will feel empathy towards me for having been a victim of this racist nation.

to honor the obamas even before they help me on my quest, i have taken michelle obama's name and turned it into the website that may lead me to my african parents,

when i find my real graham-cracker parents, we will be suing arizona, the feds - and the baby-clearinghouse i was adopted from.

check out my site, , unless you're there now