i figure the tablet pc offers the same internet experience as the "netbook," and that is okay for my site. but i hate to see my site being accessed by cell phones. phones are too small to display it so that the text is legible and so that the site is easily navigated.

they're squinting on the inter...net, lookin' at little webs
cuz all they wanna do is chat, chat
websurfing, never, just tiny porn pics - and all they wanna view is that
all for some hotties, they're networking, and all they wanna do is chat, chat
giving sites time if they're dot mobi, cuz all they've got's a two-inch glance
maybe he's ignoring now, my lovely website - cuz all he's got's a two-inch glance
i'd try bringing change or a way to make it right to conform to a two-inch glance

i say i can't - it can't be tiny, must be larger screen
see my nude body, read my rude put-downs
dork, you've got to view with longer wider view-screen, damn

well, he's fucking men, humping mens' tools - and he'd blow my dick so proud
but all i wanna do is chat, chat
to keep the boys a -yelling for my website to go down
the scorn i flaunt will bruise the fags
yeah, but that don't beat the boys - no changing their points-of-view
cuz all they've got's a two-inch glance
they're still a-getting horny, lusting hung and naked dudes
and all i wanna do is scorn the lost and clueless fags
no two-inch glance

well, i barely make them care for thoughts my fag-brain has
if they had seen doubt while humping guys, no queer would speak it loud
they'd say "go be proud you're gay, please, hump with eyes ever-glued"
"why see what's under sex, just be hot to do a man"
"don't understand...never mind you think something's incomplete"
"be my good hottie, be like a ken doll"
"dork, just stop self-viewing longer than a two-inch glance"

"just date a man"
"all you want's a two-inch glance"
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