i was at a stop sign at the intersection of two roads and i made a left. once i completed the left turn and was in the left lane of the second road, i was rear-ended. the other driver called the police, the policeman suggested that i didn't yield while i was stopped at the stop sign - huh - and i was so "adam ant" against his accusation that i wanted to "strip" to show him that i wasn't hiding anything.


anyway, i got in my car and watched the other driver talk to the police for a while - then the policeman came over to say i could go. he gave me just a pink slip saying that the crash would be investigated. no ticket then, no ticket after 3 days (it is now sunday) - i worry that people want to get me in trouble, so i worry about getting a ticket.

my car is way out of alignment, it squeaks loudly when it is driven, and it's at the car place. while she was waiting for the police to come, the driver was taking pictures of her own car, and it reminded me of the quote from "who's that girl" that is playing.

(she) hit my car - her front-end is so harmed, it's funny
cuz my front-end is real unbruised - and she will cry it's my fault
did my left-turn freak her sensors, um, crash my rear-end, - the douche
blames it's ever my fault, and i can't drive anymore

wouldn't it be good if i could start to drive the cavalier i bought in oh-five?
it's stuck near my deck, see, so much needs amending, and now i know that

money's something that i have, yet there's just enough to pay with cash when
when i must buy land next-door
well, got a mortgage - i've got real problems,
cuz the debt owed is much that plot i want to buy, so i can't lie - i need more

wouldn't it be good if i could hop a flight to amsterdam, afford the high-life
i'd love to be spending like sash-a or michelley - i'm very willing!

it could be worse, i could've been retarded from my head-jerk
cuz when you've nearly died from such a fall, your life can be war

wouldn't it be strife if i would not have life so debonaire, all qualms all the time
don't much start regretting, cuz cash comes from your head-bleed

but so much spite i've been getting when her car hit mine
and made unaligned too much to mend it
i can't drive anymore...
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