i read the opologetix' "500 miles" parody and, well, i guess i just saw my own lyrics. "weird al," at least when i bought his records, didn't make his lyrics similar to the original's. "they told him don't you ever come around here," from michael jackson's "beat it," was "how come you're always such a fussy young man" in "eat it".

"When I bake stuff with the dough I'm gonna knead, I'm gonna be the man who makes some bread for you," is the first line from the apologetix' parody of "500 miles".

"will i wake up? will i know it's not a dream? i wanna be the man remaking ev'ry tune" is mine. both of our lyrics are phonetically similar to the original. whereas the example for weird al's "eat it" was not.

i am going to write to the apologetix yet again, but this time in song - to let them know we are of the same mind. "you and me..."

you and me write tunes to speak our heads, more-less a way to 'xpress our own brains
i really fee-eee-eel like my tunes be not hell-sent - i have to b'lieve they could be god-sent
it looks as though your faith is shown, but if it's me well i just bash god's foes

don't freak, i know just what is faith and don't deem me of satan, i can speak f'ugly words
don't freak, i know some are thinking i'm so needing jesus to help become better

our parodies...they can seem unlike each...other, as altogether fighting writings
as we write our cool rewrites with our pens and our pads, we speak to chriiii-yiiiiiii-yiii-yiii-yiiiist

don't freak, i know just what is faith and don't deem me of satan, i can be such a jerk
don't freak, i know some are thinking that i'm so needing jesus to help be of his word

it's our blessing, we talk to god redressing any song
you and me write to realize christ in our ways

don't deem my po...ems just as hating, don't think i'm not praying - i said he is my lord - oh, oh!
most think my poems are freaky, but i'm so freaking kinky - i'm telling what i've learned
repenting lust, my words...i'm so much past dating - don't think i get laid, sheesh!
grody, grossly grody, oh!
my poems are kinky and i'm obscene to breed 'em, i know they're good
i know they're good, i know they're real good, oh!
lalalalala lalalalala
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