shopping for an online image of masculinity to look at while humping the bed, a lot of them just rub me the wrong way...didn't johnny gill do "rub you the right way"?

nothing to do with anything but what has been on my mind for hours, i think i saw jason the pool-clerk in the grocery store parking lot. just the back of his head, slightly turned so i couldn't be sure but i saw glasses.

you could say i'm wrong, i'm saying guy-sex is grossness
you could say i'm wrong to believe in my own research
you could say i'm wrong cuz men give erections
you could say all of this and smirk, but

if i'd ever choose to lay a dude, i'd be unerect in attitude

some would name their lust the bossman of their hot worlds
you could say i've lost my faith in the thinkings of sex-fiends
you could say that i'm wrong to be squeamish 'round a body's inners
they all reek of gamy odor-stink

if i'd ever choose to lay a dude, there'd be nothing that'd make me enthused

i could get off on guy-websites without a mate
but with nude guys' assholes in mind, i feel their stank

i never saw no miracle of guyness that did emote no sweaty human-curse
i never saw no imagery of humans that did just always end up with the same curse, so
masturbation works

if i'd ever choose to lay a dude, there's be some depression coming-to
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