"where should i go, what should i do," i thought to myself while in bed staring at my windows desktop. then i thought i should write another parody, "that always keeps me occupied". and i thought "exercise my mind".

i wanna live like i matter, i wanna roam this land of roads
i wanna hump gay "men" on the way or get fucked by in-shape jocks' hung meat
ooh, could be thrilling - it sours, don't matter

songs can keep me staying in-room, they exercise my mind
voguing, playing in pool will exercise my thighs

i've got a home-pool, got my mac*
i don't wanna be with others - my bone's gotten off with pictures here, so
i just wanna be in front of...my monitor or bathing
living my life thrills me

songs can keep me staying in-room, they exercise my mind
yearning, burning for dudes is satisfied in five

fucking his rod ain't cool, sucking a cock ain't cool
thoughts of beef gets me to free ev'ry jizzum
gets me to breathe nothing stale
saves me a morning, are you afraid to fuck your english accent here hand?
free some time

poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the existence of another
ugly inside butt-cheeks, i got off masturbating...mmn, yeah!

songs can keep me staying in-room, they exercise my mind
i'm holding what's heavy in pool to exercise my tri's
to justify my guy - wanting dude-muscles, i made me an exercising guy
staying too much inside...to exercise my mind
i'm voguing to exercise this guy

* once before i used "mac" to mention my computer just for the sake of the rhyme of the song, but i have used windows since i got my first notebook pc in 1993 or 1994. before that, the family computer was the ibm pcjr since christmas of 1984 or 1985.
let me quote myself regarding using mac to fit a rhyme, "at least they're compatible with something"
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