i had just come in from putting algaecide in my greenish pool, and i was thinking "i wish i had a hot-tub in here," then i'm like "i don't need a hot-tub, i just need to take better care of my pool". so, i didn't want to be in my room - i wanted to be in my pool. i either thought, "when i'm faced with a day that's gray and lonely" or "i simply remember my favorite things, and then i don't feel so bad". or a combination of the two. so, right now, i'll just pick up my chin and grin and...write another song parody.

my favorite things

play lots with verses, i'll sing them rewritten
i bought top records since fourth grade was Thrillin'
brown people, jackson/prince, white ones like sting
singers of tunes i would make more like me

sleeves come a-showing lyrics that the crooners
more-less would make into misheard gay rumors*
i'd be the guy in his room studying
these and all tunes as i played the LP

words keep depression from moods that i'm havin'
always at eighteen, my role was my sadness
it would write its words as song-parody
teasing the blues of my head-injury

when the dogs die, weather's freezing, when i'm feeling sad
i'll simply forever write song parodies...and then i don't feel so bad!

* "excuse me while i kiss this guy"
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