i inserted my "verythick" dildo up my ass and put on my underoos and jeans, then reclined on the bed and started writing this song. soon, i hope to do the same thing with my edge shaving gen can...i can't be relaxed with it up there now.

why is my gay good life spent fucking caaaaans?
i should try to take a man who'd break my ass
i saw no better things on men, surely no men had got me laid
it's so hard to lay a guy who's lessser-made

it's no growth when his bone is going in me
all i know is cans will stretch my butt more than dudes
if the men would cream and want to, they'd so be working their lay
they're too hard to lay behinds and never spray

and i'll praise the speechless sex i need, don't bring me no guys' human-relates
it's so hard to lay a guy who says somethang

and i'll say i need my sex to be no semen in my ass, just some pain
it's no charm to lay real guys' tools, get a fake
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