while i was humping the bed and looking at porn previews, i did not want to jizz until i saw someone who was hairy-chested. as i was looking, i was thinking "it doesn't matter once you jizz, it doesn't matter if you are watching a hairy chest or a female's breasts".

whenever i wonder anything about myself, i try to make it into the first line of a boyz ii men song.

why do i wait for guys with much chest-hai...air?
i would psyche to gaze at brad's unshaven mat
i long to get to see your chest, sir - but your chest, sir, has gotten shaved
it's so hard to spray my slime when nothing's praised

i've grown no hair, although i've known it my dream
all i know is hairy men are tough, "real men" rule
it's the chest, bushy two armpits, i'd so feel hurt for each day
it's so hard to spray my slime when nothing's praised

and i'll say i'm made of self-esteem, i'll beam with self-pride after i'm laid
it's so hard to say to guys i'm lesser-made

and i hate smoothie-type "men" who seem to beam with self-pride after they've shaved
will you start to say just why it's men you date?
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