today, march 8th, i did more than stick the "shower dong" way up my behind - i stuck it way up and pulled it by the hose that goes to the shower faucet. i was doing it kind of quickly...and after 5 or 7 jiggles, the shower hose flopped down. i was like "uh-oh," and then looked all around the tub for the dong. it was nowhere to be found.

i stuck my fingertip up my ass and felt nothing. so i searched the tub some more. oh where, oh where has my little dong gone?

on the toilet, trying to see if i could poop it out, i felt it. it was kinda far up there, my finger was halfway up it and it was to the side. so i just started trying to push it out. nothing worked.

about 10 or 15 minutes of using the hose to put water up there and sitting on the toilet and pushing, trying to pry it as best i could with my fingertip...the poop came out. blah. the dong was covered in poop. and this was after i used the dong to clean the poop out. blah.

i hate poop.

i'd drive a million miles to please a dude tonight
won't think that he is gross inside his gay fuckhole
i've learned that douche is wrong, can't make an asshole clean
cuz how it's douche, my forth - i spray much ass-poopie

give it up - this doubt
give it up - you know brown, don't ya pal?
give it up - gross brown
give it up - forsake the hot male-order line

every body has dung inside (every body has dung inside)
everybody may fuck this grime (every body has dung inside)
everybody may love this grime (everybody's so dumb)

deep in a world of grime, some armpits gamy now
i told you, so gross (so gross) - your mental-health's unsound

give it up - this doubt
give it up - do pits wow you, my pal?
give it up - self-doubt
give it up - and now, let your mind think through

sweat makes bodies the unclean kind (sweat makes bodies the unclean kind)
everybody may love this grime (everybody may fuck this grime)
everybody's so dumb at times (everybody say "duh")

on the edge of an orgasm, your world is surely lacking much
you fall for lust of everyone, a kissing-fool all grown-up

everybody, everybody say "duh" tonight - everybody, everybody say "duh" tonight

so lost in gay lust, answers unfurl
everybody say "duh" tonight
your sex and gay "fun" amount to hurt

everybody, everyone (everybody say "duh" tonight)
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