i was obsessed with grease as a little boy, i saw it with my parents and was imitating john travolta in "greased lightning" after that. they got a kick out of me doing that. i just looked it up, it came out the day after my 4th birthday.

guess si...mon's not the first dog i've met
my life has stopped for sure this time
i've lost a third of home, there's just no moving on with two

i know i'm just a dude whose living is shit without his playful boo
and maybe i can't keep on loving when the three are two
i'm hopelessly devoted to you

and now, i'm so sad that i'm overlooking brother's lives
i'm wanting them dead - oh, it's three i've known yet it's two
oh, i bleed the most for my boo
hopelessly devoted to you

two heads are saying, "don't forget twins"
my heart's been breaking, won't let go
hold on to the twins, that's the righteous thing to do
i'm hopelessly devoted to you

but now, i'm so sad and i could just push their love aside
i'm robbing my friends, oh it's three i've known yet it's two
hopelessly devoted to you
oh, i need to show love to two
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