i guess i just had this idea written down

this came off the heart in motion cd, i am quite sure i bought it after it was popular (with "baby, baby" and all) - i may have gotten it at the used cd store in clinton (nj) where they ripped me off by taking a boatload of cds and only giving me $100 for them.

anyway, in 1998 (after the "retard home" episode in nashville, i hopped a flight to baltimore and met a "hookup" at the rest stop. we went to red roof inn, we didn't do much of anything sexual - i guess i started telling him my story of the retard home and not knowing anyone and being alone. so he let me rent a room in his house.

anyway, he liked amy grant and had heart in motion on his cd player - about 7 years after it came out.  i stayed with him until 2000, and i gave him a file i made on my computer. he had been taking pictures of his house and family and he asked me to scan them so he could have them on his computer. i did that, but i also made a video of the pictures fading in, one by one, with the song "i will remember you" playing. that was like a "goodbye". i was sad to read that he died of pancreatic cancer about 10 years later. two days after his brother died of another kind of cancer. after learning of that, i did a parody of " i still believe".

back to my parody of "i will remember you"...

i will see awf'lly dismayed frowns, cuz people love gays
i be invading this town's "gay pride"
showing my views on the back of my ford tempo, i do have to laugh
i will offend your views

look at the pride you hold dear, tell me it's actually real
seems that you go compensate your life
your luck is frozen with pride, i see you can't play the fool or feel slight
i can relate to you

later on, if your pride's been dismembered
later on, if your life's gotten better
given time, know your heart should untether, darlin
i will stand boldly
i'll stand so boldly with you
i will befriend you too

so many years come and gone, forget the memories that taunt
you've worked to never relearn "gay pride"
true love will grow from inside - you'll see you can play the fool and feel fine
i see you're better, dude
soul free, untethered
i see you're better, dude
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