there was an ad on talk radio for something to help the "wild child," the son who is rebellious and talks back to his parents. instead of doing heart's "wild child," i'm doing "just defy my son," which came to mind as i heard the commercial. also, my mom does not like the jobless and cyber-related life i lead.

i want a kid who would matter, i wanna show you how to roll
i want my son changed into a great boy, change the life you've made - you're nothing
do fruitful living - and matter, just matter

wanting, needing, waiting to truly justify my son
hoping, praying for muse, i must defy my son

i wanna mold you, clock turn back, i so wanna be your mother
i so wanna heal my inner feelings, i just wanna see another - don't want the man you're making
give me the pride missing

wanting, needing, waiting to truly justify my son
hurting, yearning for muse, i must defy my son

what are you gonna do? what are you gonna do?
honor me, tell me you'll be man i've imaged
tell me you hear mama's ails
tell me you've faulted - i want you changing who you are, give me pride

poor is the man who never depends on the permission of his mother
love me - be my son, please
i wanna steer my baby

wanting, needing, waiting for you - give up the life you love
i'm owed this, invested in you - a bunch of time, my son
so justify my love, starting with nine-to-five
change it, be once employed, my son
name me as justified...and justify your mum
i'm owed this, so justify your mum
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