"mother's pride" was on in the pool, the final words "and hold a gun til kingdom-come" struck me as something like "he'll hold his pup til kingdom-come".

this song was on the radio a lot the winter when my mom was taking me from high school in frenchtown (new jersey) to rehab in allentown (pennsylvania). she picked me up before lunch, so i had a half-day from january til june - i had a home-tutor before january,since i came home from the hospital at the end of october.

the piano has always kind of taken me back to the time when my mom drove me back and forth to allentown.

oh, he knows - he prays, so sad - makes no smile, with love he grabs
snout of dog who softly opens eyes - dylan hopes his happy dog comes to life,
prays for dog and wants to cry - he goes home a-praying for his dog
simon's young, he hopes the pup gets doctored up

and as he grows, he keeps the ash, makes the best of dogs he has
can't ignore or hate the ones alive - slighted fam'ly since the dogs' brother died
loves his boys, three brothers' lives - there's a hole, a space cuz one's no more
and dylan's heart has died with one, there's two less loved

he calls to puppies, all the sons, when he must leave home
it makes no difference, no difference that one's dead
he'll see them where they lay, the happy guy's in spirit
in the name of god, he'll gasp "just say why baby-dog had lifeless eyes"

he will hold on now and forevermore
he'll hold his pup til kingdom-come
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