i saw a picture of the worst president ever and i just thought hateful things and then i thought "there was never a time i was racist" and "never a time" reminded me of the genesis song.

this was going to be "there was never a time i'm racist," since it sounds like phil's singing "never a time to say it," but i guess he's just singing " to say".

there was never a time dudes' race would appear to me as cause to hate
no, but having a black negro make us live our lives as he'd like
calls to me to hate the dudes - negros did it, their lock-step voting group

no, there's never a time to hate - you won't ever chance a thing today
it is wrong to hate, you know, so your mind starts loving things you'd loathe
can't you see what's going on, negro-man wants to run our thoughts and homes

all i know is what they do - all they ask, iron rule - so just look around and see
you live your life lofty and free, you must be achieving lots of your dreams
you won't go on another day, the negros say "change your ways"

cuz it's a wrong, wrong way to talk, but negros want to have what yours
and i know that their pride's to take some of bill gates sal...'ry through the state
oh, i'm told blacks' slavery is what we had here and now they're free, but no-no
oh, blacks hope the past gives them gates' cash and mo'
i hope obama ends his life now
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