“Being Transgendered is not the same as being gay or straight.   We do not fit into any exclusive he/she gender identity." - pflag denver

"you are not special, you truly believe your mind operates on windows 7 while others are on 3.1" - me
"if you don't fit into any exclusive he/she identity, WHY'D YOU GET A SEX CHANGE...and will you change back"
"when i was a teenager, i thought my identity was madonna's son. how DARE you question who i think i am!"

people are people when operating, you and i inspect a curiosity
people are people, straight guys and the queens, both get high when getting off on fantasies
(stoke my growth)

so we differ in lovers, genders giving us glee
but we are all people when we are "in heat"
it's obvious you shade things when you're humping a schlong
address no reason, say "ooh, it's just how i was born"

i can understand what makes a man date another man
help, i'm half-a-man

people are people with prides that can be viewing guys as extra-hot or not sexy
people are people with minds that can deem cooler guys as "better," spawning fantasies
(stoke my growth)

now you're hunting for the scissors, gender-reassigning
life's reminding: something's wrong, guys feel like she
your heart is as a girl's is, cuz you know you're "the miss"
you were made a guy, but "cal u" put your head in the wind

i can understand what made the man change his gender fast
it's the college-class

people are sheeple who strive to be deemed "cool" through eyes of select universities
"people are simple so my phd proves that i am better-off than soci'ty (stoked my growth)"
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