i was in the shower, thinking of how my lack of a sex life relates not only to disgust of the naivete of a man inspecting another like masculinity is some kind of discovery zone...but to a love and an interest for my own life and "that thing i do". whatever "that thing" may be. i guess i've been going to the casino a lot, getting out more, it might be why i'm a little high on myself. no...no, i'm always high on myself - this website keeps me as enthusiastic as my pool keeps me active. "and that's all i that i need...right now," uh-oh, there's another parody i have to do.

maybe "old people" don't go out for excitement because they're not bored staying at home with themselves.

i won't go and justify pride now, maybe cuz i barely walk downtown
my place is boss with my loco dogs and i know my luck ain't down
i sex not a-dude or faggot, maybe cuz-a i've come to mastur my splooge
the dreams i've got don't stop for mens' playthings cuz my lust will undo real soon

i'm alive, oh oh so alive - i'm alive, oh oh so alive

your drugs say you're aching, say you're bleary not cheery
cocaine will now rise above blues
given a cock, drink on-the-rocks
makes an all-happier mood

you're unfine, so low with your mind - i can't find no proof of your pride

doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo

so go and justify pride, you gay thing, but then where else are you proud?
to stay at home with no social cause, well you won't love what's around
your head's nothing short of tragic, gay thing, self-reliance it barely met you
i feel like i'm mocked - your friends hate me, there's no telling how they soothe their blues

i'm alive, oh oh you're unfine - i'm alive, go show-off your "pride"
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