i absolutely hate it when people put an "AY" sound in a syllable that only has the vowels "O" and "E" in it. back in 1991, whitney houston was annoyed enough to release a song called "my name is not susan" after her lover got her name wrong in the heat of the moment.

one night, not long ago, we felt that blue truly needs overthrown
repubs bucked democrats just cuz the blue rule is a communast's (communist's)
how overthrown, you know i can't believe repubs could de...throne p. losi
i know we live to placate femineests...but nevermind, talk right - pronounce it well, you dweebs!

his name is not bayner, you're not "the fonz," eh?
so give an "o" "e" sound, like "toe" or "grohl," k?
girls wanna think of no raper, her twat's running in fear
of boners erect - brother's tougher times three
his name is john bOEhner (bone, toe, grohl, boehn)

at night, sue tries to sleep - deep in a dream, guy-nightmares got her raped
then sue burns with her hate, tries to remake anthony weiner's name
how bOEhner knows he won't be friends with sue if "hard-on" was the thing she'd see
he won't be deemed as awful, lets the bOEhn go - nevermind what's right, says goodbye to his pa

his name's now john bayner, he mocks his pa's name
he'll give no "o" "e" sound, no "roe" it's more "wade"
he wants to be called john bayner, it's no tongue in the cheek
he wants to respect all the femi-nazis, his name is now bayner

he never wants to freak the girls out, never wants to speak the "bOEhn" speech
no "bOEhn" to psyche the girlies who would all accuse him mostly
i bet his father said "you wimp, a damn shame - you mock my name - yourself, you hate"
"my name is not bayner"
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