this is my second song for simon. he was only 7 1/2 years old. i blame myself, just because he was my responsibility. did i do something to make his pancreas go bad? "no," says the vet, "it was nobody's fault, it just happened".

"let go," i hope my life rehashes - "let go," i hope i won't be forgetting
the dog, the love he'd bring
he lives (he lives) forever, sure it's like the sadness i found
will touch each day, but now i'll get up from this down

up to better times, sweet release - change the doubt, change my frown
once i'm better, my sweet release may rebound - change my scowl

doubt (doubt) might be blinding - i'm in doubt when i tell self i'm the one
who my pet relies on much
our love (our love) - i know i've shattered - since i have guilt, my mind turns everything
and i have thrown puppy

up to heaven, my sweet puppy hates me now - take me now
up to heaven, my sweet release - take me now, take my frown

and if i die tonight, it's a great release from my madd'ning brain
i love you, young dog of mine, fly away

up to better times, sweet release, play and sound (go on, puppy)
up to your better times, you're fleeing me - play around, safe and sound
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