i was snuggling with my dogs, alvin and theodore, and i can't not remember simon because of alvin and theodore. the lyric from phantom of the opera's "think of me" came to mind: "there will never be a moment when i won't think of you".

i didn't see it, it was just very popular when i was doing plays and band in high school. and we did songs, i guess "think of me," from the phantom in chorus. i still know the first lines by heart. sorry, mr. sheffield. :)

think of me, think of me fondly in heaven tonight
remember me loving you, simon, i'm sorry that you died
mem'ries like two brothers vex my loss, they take my heart back to the three
i will never find atonement, there's a dog missing

i never meant to love unfaithfully, your diet changed when all don't eat
and since your death is digestive, got to think it's me

think of all the things we've shared and seen,
oh, think about the games - the times and cheer

think of me, think of us walking tiredly outside
your calories, simon, your lard would make walks justified
recall those days, look back on all those times
think of those gleeful days we knew
there will never be a day when i won't think of you

long ago, it seems so long ago, my lovely triple-et lovers
each day i'll remember three, and i'll forever hurt

flowers fade, the pooches/puppies fade, they have their years, expectancies
what can promise me my pup's life's not been breached by me?
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