this is a parody of a song by my sister. i was driving in the car, thinking about my "drag queen" lip-synch dramatics and how people must see me. and her line "why do you have to drive so fast when you take the wheel" hit me.

well, my friends say "what's the deal"
"why do you act like such an ass when you take the wheel?"
"why do you wanna drive and vogue, you fool?"
"what makes you act/lip-synch and see a star with talent, dude?"
well, i guess i'm a wanna-bee, i wanna psyche me for some self-esteem, yeah

well, i'm never off my "stay-cation,"
always swimming/singing here with 80s a-playing
and it's never justified as the "same old thing,"
i don't much gotta see some change just cuz i'm psyched by me
hey, it's nurtured by happ'nings life would bring
i'd want to mime "grease" in the '70s, yeah

ain't no sex with no peeps - i'm no whore, you see
hey, look, dissecting songs gives me such a release
don't label this guy "boring," i've been slighted by whores
all it shows is how it's lacking, their worlds
so if you know you've got self-esteem...
get a grip, spite not the slightly quirky wannabees, yeah
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