it's june 26th today. i put on a pair of shorts that were almost too tight yesterday, and i had an overhang of flesh. i was over 155.5 yesterday when i had chinese food around lunchtime, i bought some metamucil instead of the zetacap pills that worked for me years ago, and i took metamucil and a slice of bread. and five or six beneful tablets, though i don't know at what time.

i may have had a soda last night, but it is 2:44 in the afternoon now and i just had another piece of bread plus the metamucil. and i was 154.2, isn't that amazing?

i realize that i need food, man can't live on bread and metamucil alone, but i certainly will put more metamucil in my diet. maybe i'll eat only metamucil and bread until i drop five pounds and get down to 149. 149 isn't bad, i was 137 two years and less muscle ago.

well, it is july 3rd today, so i was 155.5 on the 25th and it is eight days later. i was 153.0 on first read and 153.2 on second and 152.0 on third - in between each weigh-in there was about a minute or two. three pounds in eight days, that is not bad, especially since i had an ice cream cone and a bunch of peanuts and a pepsi for lunch.

stay tuned...

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