hello. it is 1:35 am on january 1, 2011. i am just going to babble, update myself on myself.

i hate michelle obama, she has made the racist i am today. i guess i'm no more racist against blacks than blacks are against whites, reverend wright not withstanding. why are all negros liberal? is bill cosby a liberal, i tend to doubt it - especially after that rant about one thing or another a while back. i like the cosby show.

oh, and whitney houston and prince and michael/janet jackson and the fresh prince of bel-air and family matters and some toni braxton and some boyz ii men and some bel biv devoe and my favorite stuffed animal as a boy was a monkey who i loved. :)

with all that blackness in my life, i am no racist.

i just got in from sweeping all the (black and brown) dog poo off of the deck. puppies have a "doggie door" so they can go out anytime, from my bedroom to the deck. it's been snowy and they have not been going down the stairs, so that is why i had a "poop deck". i started to clean it yesterday, but it all wasn't completely melted - a lot of it wouldn't budge. so i finished today, it was like 50 degrees today. i went out in bare feet and i had to wash them when i came in. which brings me to my next point.

i cleaned my bathtub/shower earlier today. i had my doubts that it would get as clean as it did, using only a "scrubbing bubbles" type cleaner - but wow! i posted a picture of the bathtub's dirty floor a while back - with a portion of it totally bright and white (having been just cleaned) - and i stated that blacks just need to take a bath. ha.

anyway...well, it's 2011. one more year until american pie: the reunion comes out with all the original stars in january of 2012. yes, i am stocking up on emergency food and water - call me a crazy right-winger, but it's not so crazy now that glenn beck isn't the only one telling us to "be prepared" - or maybe it is more crazy now that janet incompetanu is saying it. either way, nothing is going to keep me from american reunion - i have plenty of food and water to keep me alive well past its scheduled release-date.

(my dogs have plenty of food-storage, as well)

my pool's filter froze and cracked the top, i may need just another top for $150 or another filter for around $500 or $600. i am not sure if downstairs neighbor can install a whole filter, i hope so - he does a lot. he installed the car xm radio antenna for the xmp3i (i think it's called) from pioneer. it's a great little gadget, it shuffles all my mp3s and it's got a remote so i can easily change from xm 80s to xm 90s to mp3s when i'm driving. it's a pain to change anything without the remote, especially while driving.

i got a 1996 explorer xlt in november, it reminds me of the 1990 jimmy i got in 1994 (i'm pretty sure it was 1994). so much so, that i made a parody of madonna's jimmy jimmy to pay respects. i had to pay $2000 for a new transmission a month after paying $2900 for the explorer (see my parody of prince's "new position), but $5000 was the retail price i saw online - one of them, because i had seen a bunch. some highter, some lower.

i still swim in the winter - well, i guess it'd be called water-aerobics - i don't dance as much as i "let my body move to the music," but i made a parody of billy idol's "dancing with myself. oh, i also did a parody of r.e.m's "nightswimming" in 2008 - do i write too many parodies - "iceswimming. these were after putting a greenhouse around my pool - the water rarely freezes, and if it does then the ice is a thin layer and can be broken and melted by the water once it is. so i still swim in the winter, i have a scuba-suit with three scuba-socks under my scuba-boots, my hands are the only things that get cold after a lot of submersion, i only have one pair of scuba-gloves.

aside from my "jimmy" and my "swimmie" - oh, and my puppies - i'm not sure what i'd do to keep from killing myself. oh, besides this website. gosh, it's been twelve years since i registered www.jaggedlittledyl.com - feb 07, 1999 is when whois says i registered it. i thought it was january of 1999. i didn't do much of anything with it until mid-may 1999, that is why the popup box says, "since the summer of pie". what a long, strange...well, you know.

i have been watching the nanny, as well, i have seen most every episode before - but that was years ago.  i'm in season 6 or 7. earlier tonight, i watched the second episode of the first season of malcolm in the middle i haven't watched that show in a while, maybe i'll start again.

i guess i will stop babbling. it's 3:26, i've been doing this page for two whole hours. i guess i was doing other stuff, but the page was up for two hours.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now