today, the 5th of june, i was forced to move from firefox to chrome.  yesterday i installed firefox 4 - and a lot of my passwords and login information wouldn't automatically appear in the fields.  so i uninstalled it, the login info still was not there. i restored the system from an image i had taken, still no luck, so i downloaded chrome and started playing around with that.  chrome doesn't have a way to change where the user profiles are stored, i couldn't find a way, so first i made the link to start chrome first copy the user profile from another drive - and i used my robotask program to monitor when chrome was closed so that it could copy the user profile to the other drive. this way, any changes i made to the browser would never be lost - if i add a bookmark during a session then when i close the browser it got copied to the other drive. and next time i opened the browser, it copied the profile from the other drive to the windows drive.  that is a way to preserve the browser settings if the browser settings can only be taken from the windows drive - if you are always restoring the windows drive with an image program.

i guess that was too involved, so i went online looking for a way to store the user profile on a different drive. soon, i read about a portable version of chrome that is meant to go on usb drives, so i tried that. now, there is no browser installed on my windows partition, save for ie, and the chrome shortcut points to the portable installation that i have saved on another drive.  whoopie.

the reason i switched from ie to firefox was because firefox allowed for drop-down folders on the "favorites" bar, this was in 2007 or 2008, and i grouped all my favorites into 8 or 9 folders on the bar.  chrome is like that, and best of all, chrome saves most of my login info whereas firefox did before i messed it up trying firefox 4.

doing everything took about six hours, as it's 1:08 now and i got done about an hour ago. i was up early this morning.

the portable chrome took too long to open a webpage, too long "sending request" and another message i can't remember, so i downloaded the portable version of firefox. and it works a lot better than the normal version did...regarding passwords and remembering them.

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