...she was working in a bridal-shop in flushing, queens...

this is my windows desktop

now that i have started watching the nanny again, i have to make a page cuz i like it so much.  i like sylvia who's mind is always on food, i like maxwell when he yells "miss fine," i like the antics of niles and cc (and cc's deep laugh when she is insulting niles - kinda like "the wicked witch of the west" would laugh, relishing in evil)...what else?  oh, i like fran when she's...fran.  like gracie said to niles or maxwell, "you know, i can't believe you're using me to manipulate someone like this. it's so...fram"

too much is never enough - i watch the nanny almost as much as i watched that 70s show and malcolm in the middle.  i watched it in reruns around 2003 or so - like i said somewhere else on this site, i hadn't seen any of it (or knew about it) til that night i spent in alabama. it was on tv in the entrance-room - that was the night i had someone over i met on aol and i awoke to hear the door close and saw my computer was gone. so i went to comp usa in nashville to buy another. i was so irresponsible with money, back then.

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