i woke up with the internet radio on, like i usually do, and katherine albrecht was on. she was talking about "the mark of the beast" and rfid chips...and what was really interesting was her talking about apple's logo. an apple with a bite out of it, i never thought of the implications of an apple with a bite out of it, but it's the garden of eden. i have always had an animosity towards apple, towards buying anything made by apple...but that's because i am 100% with windows.

gosh, she is interesting. she reaffirms my belief that everything from the bible is coming true. how could anyone way back then, have forseen not being able to buy or sell without a mark? i can't believe i have never understood the apple with a bite out of it. i didn't know that the first apple product sold for $666.66 until i went online about the satanic apple. jobs was into the occult.

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