i hear "gay bashing" as irene cara's "breakdancing," quite an older and less-popular song, but my friend scott gave me irene cara's "what a feelin" cassette for my 9th or 10th birthday...so i know the song.

there's something old, really, what the town calls obscene
call me odd to talk about it, but gender's been beat
now, my son's daughter needs sex from pussies
when esteem starts losing, same-sex is what you need

gaybashing breakout, gaybashing breakout

we used to view the homo-notion as "the worst" and "a bitch"
but there's some gay 'genda in ev'ry life lived
now mockin' butt-cockin' ain't a cool way of talkin'
there's knee-jerks if you mock women 'rousing the girls

gaybashing breakout, gaybashing breakout

mark is crutching pete's self-loving, some say gay is gender-demise
feeling slight, self-compromising, he's so half a guy tonight

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